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People coming here are not politics; Coming from the social network says' Eunice Guedes


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On the eve of the Senate, Paulo Guedes, the future super-minister of the economy, met last Tuesday in a room of the Senate, where he met with Congress chairman Eunice Oliveira (MDB-CE). 6).

The conversation began lightly, but, according to the report of the President of the Senate, it quickly evolved with the handbag of the Bolsonaro government's dictator. The speech was seen by mayor Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and Senator Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE).

"Mr Imagine what will happen this year, thinking he will be grunted next year. I'm ready, what can I do to help …," Eunice BuzzFeed News open the door for future government proposals to take office only in January in the General Budget of the union he explained.

"The president looked at me and said the budget was not important, the important thing was to approve the Pension Reform." Said.

Eunice said he recalled the approval of the Budget and said it was a precondition for the withdrawal of the Assembly of the Constitution. "You don't approve the budget, I don't want to approve the budget," he said. But you do not want, the Constitution says that after approval, we can be separated only in the recess. "

By rebuilding Eunice, Guedes would cut it off: "No, I just want a Pension Reform. If I can't blame this government, I will blame this Congress and the PT will return, and you'll be responsible for the PT's return."

The Senate chairman said that he reminded the future minister that a proposed Constitutional Amendment would only be voted upon after the executive shut down federal intervention in Rio.

According to Eunice & # 39; s account, Paulo Guedes insisted on the date of the return of the PT if the Pension Reform did not take place. According to him, Paulo Guedes raised the stake in the speech:

"[Guedes me disse:] If you don't approve everything we want this year, PT will come back. If you approve the reform, Brazil will grow 6 per cent, if it does not approve Brazil, Brazil will not grow, I will blame you & # 39; said.

"Democracy is the best regime to live in the world, but this is a complicated situation, it is difficult, Minister" said emedebista. Euncio could not be re-elected in October, but until 31 January, he left the Senate in charge of defining the agenda of those attending the general assembly.

. I also saw Raquel Dodge stepping forward and went out to talk to him and continued talking to Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) who was terrified ".

The speech took place in a Senate room a few minutes before authorities went to the 30-year serious session of the constitution. The generosity was made by the three Heads of Authority and the presidents of Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected president.

I want [o Bolsonaro] I have reached 150% within the period I have contributed, and I will contribute and not with it, with the country and the population that selected it. The will of the population was made because it is a democratic commandment, "said the President of the Senate.

However, according to Eunice, bad weather has to be taken back by the person who takes over the government: "I want to help, but I will not knock on the door, toc, toc, toc, the president of the Legislative Force and vote for what Do it if you use it. "

Guedes "press"

After the agreement, Guedes told reporters that the population should give a "press" in the Senate to vote for Social Security.

"And he went to the gate of the Ministry of Finance and said he had to give a press. Nobody presses here. Here you convince, argue, loses, now press someone will not give me."

Eunice and close senators reading, "press" by saying, yet unsealed minister, wanted to overcome the independent legislature. "As long as I'm president, no one will tell us what to do here. Each one has a little finger, who can't vote or abstain," he said.

When asked if Paulo Guedes was "arrogant", Eunice was laconic: "Get your deductions."

Then he added: "I cannot pronounce by the will of others, I will do the will of the congress. I have no interest in creating any future problems for the President of the Republic."

Do you think "Onyx" is in contact with the Senate?

The next day, Wednesday, 41 small fingers pushed the yes button to the project, which raised the salaries of the Federal Constitutional Court by 16% and was raised by the Senate President on the same day. Only 16 senators disagreed and remained abstained. Another 12 senators did not take part in the general assembly.

The gradual impact on all functionalities should bring the cost of the correction further to R $ 5 billion, further weakening state and federal funds.

Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes criticized the impact of interviews in public accounts on the supporters supported in social networks, but the future government's disarticulation was clear enough to contribute to the reorganization of the bolsonarismo base.

"I'll just say: I don't know how they do it, but in the mornings I don't agree with the reorganization of the salaries of magistrates who have changed Great Britain (PR-ES), the housing allowance for salaries, to vote. "The person didn't vote and I'm held responsible for that?" President of the Senate.

"Honestly, do you think that Onyx Lorenzoni is the interlocutor of the Senate? He is the MDB senator.

"People coming here come from the social network, not from politics," he added.

Orleans and Braganca, "stupid"

The hour before the re-organization of the STF was voted back, a tweet from Luis Philippe de Orleans voters and Bragança (PSL), a heir to the former Brazilian imperial family, helped to thicken the speaker's soup.

Orleans and Bragança called a ayan lame duck hala for a politician who failed to re-elect Euncio from the American political world, but was still on duty, and accused him of destroying the bomb to undermine the next government.

Üyor There was a fool there, a monarchist in Brazil, Orleans and Bragança, who said I was a lame duck. Lame duck, when there is nothing to put in place. I don't have any chosen people and I can influence the election of the next president. [do Senado]. Until January 31st, another president is not elected when my term ends. At the moment, we are democracy. "Said.

"The regime is democratic, I don't want to vote and make bombs, but I'm not going to do that no one asks me, no one wants to do it," he added.

Other ball in the back

The rise of the FTS with the effect of the billionaire cascade was not the only back cannon it received in the Senate this week.

The next day, Thursday (8), the Senate approved another jump in the Union box: the design of the country's new automotive regime is known, the so-called Agenda 2030. Tax deduction in favor of automobile manufacturers – the money that prevents the collection of taxes – costs $ 2 billion per year.

The proposal passed the Senate in just 22 minutes and was approved by Michel Temer an hour later. Again, Paulo Guedes complained about the measure approved by the senators.

Eunice refuses to be the sponsor of Bomb Squad and reminds us that the new automotive regime has been approved by the Chamber.

"They searched the bomb agenda, but approved the House and called for urgency to approve the issue of the automotive sector. And my state doesn't have a factory. I didn't even ask them, and this incentive is reduced by 40%." [das montadoras] forward ", defended

According to him, the stated 40% rate is an estimate of the reduction of the tax cut given to the automotive industry.

”No one can stop me or prevent me from making the agenda, which will follow the agenda of Congress, which is a Power,“ he said.

He said: "As I did not say the rules of the STF or the things that the Executive Board sent to Congress, no one will tell me what or what I mean by the latter."

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