Monday , January 25 2021

Paola Carosella, MasterChef – Diário do Grande causes tears in the elimination of one of ABC's most popular participants

The final part of the MasterChef Professionals was shown on Tuesday 13, it was exciting. The first test of the program was good, and they showed a little Recife culture to challenge the Freife and Olinda babies. Participants allocated to groups should create a full menu inspired by the northeastern province of Brazil. Heaven and Daniel were team captains, and after the tension, the yellow team took the best of them to hang Raphael and Paradise. Daniel also showed up for his good performance, Manoela met with André and Willian as he feared the Qualifying Event.

In the last difficulty, the cooks had to work with fermented. The order of choice for the fermenters was long: First, Willian chose umeboshi. Then Manoela 's milk kenfirle. Finally, André ended up with Kimchi.

Although Andrea's jury members, Paola Carosella, made a presentation that was described as excellent by Erick Jacquin and Henrique Fogaça, he did not have any flavor on his plate, which resulted in the elimination. In an interview on the official website of the program, curitibano assumed that personal problems interfered with the performance of the race.

– I didn't expect to work with fermentation in the program, because there's a lot to be done. I wanted to get umeboshi because I went straight to the kimchi, but Willian Peters had chosen him. That's why I had to change the strategy. In order to stay in a comfortable area, I went to kimchi at least because I was not the one to put her at risk. Because I do kimchi at home and always serve in restaurants where I work, it was easier for me to work with him. The food I made was not very good. I focused on other things rather than solution. My head was with my son, in my family. I mean, the head of the show was the thing that hurt me the most. Personal problems began to hamper my performance in MasterChef Professional, but I'm happy to leave even with defeat. Because I have to show you who I am. I managed to be the truth and people like this. My goal is complete: show my life philosophy and my work.

Paola always came to tears as the participant left, as she stood out in the competition.

"It is very hard to leave, because these words are very proud to hear from the chefs. So, getting out of reference is an ego massage, Andre pointed out.

He even showed his fans in the final.

"I am very fond of Willian and Manoela. But I hope Willian will win for the sake of performance and cooking. He doesn't get away from Manu, but he already has a kitchen set, he already has a base in the kitchen. Will come out of the shadow of the other chefs." and he shows his face and face, and I wanted to be rewarded for it.

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