Thursday , February 25 2021

Nubank reaches Google Pay for mobile payments via NFC

After charging customers for years, Nubank has finally reached Google Pay. With this, “roxinho” users now allow payments via smartphone using Google’s digital wallet. The requirement to use is to have an NFC supported Android phone.

According to Nubank, the novelty started rolling out today (23), but it will gradually come to all Google Pay users. The function will allow payments through credit and credit card bank purchases.

Integration between Nubank and Google Pay is gradually being releasedIntegration between Nubank and Google Pay is gradually being releasedSource: Nubank

If your smartphone supports approximate payment, a window to configure the use of NFC is displayed in the Google Pay interface. In addition, after configuring a Nubank card, the option to activate the tool will also be displayed in the interface.

Paying with Google Pay via NFC allows the user to perform financial transactions with a mobile phone without the need to hold a card or provide information at the time of purchase. Besides having a compatible smartphone, this function also requires the card machine to support the technology.

Create a Nubank card in Google Pay

NUBANKSee how to add your Nubank card to Google Pay on your mobile (Disclosure / Nubank)

Google Pay allows you to use both physical and virtual Nubank cards. The configuration that connects the services can be done quickly by following the steps below:

  • Download the Google Pay app to your Android smartphone;
  • Click option “Registrar without Google Pay” or if you are already an app user, “+ Payment MethodIn the tab named “Payment;
  • Enter the card information, accept the terms of use and click Continue;
  • Click on the option after completing the registration “Approximately save the payment”, insert the CVC of the card and complete the process.

If the procedure doesn’t work, you may not be covered by the update integrating Nubank and Google Pay. With this in mind, expect the function to be rolled out to more users, which will happen in the coming weeks.

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