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New system in public health network monitors Pezinho Test

The management system will also serve health units in municipalities within the state (Photo: Archive / Agência Brasil)


MANAUS – A joint arrangement was signed between Semsa (Municipal Health Secretariat) and Sesame on Tuesday (Tuesday) to monitor and control data from the performance of the Pezinho Test in Amazon. Developed by Semsa's technical consultancy and free for the municipality, this tool provides a basis for information control for all Maternities, Primary Health Care Units (NBS), Comprehensive Child Care Centers (CAICs) and Hemoam. It will create. Perform the Pezinho Test until the fifth day of the child's birth.

The regulation formalized the commitment of the municipality and state administration to the use of this new tool, including the involvement of control bodies such as MPE-AM (Chief Public Prosecutor of the State of Amazonas) in the auditorium at Carlos Alberto. Flag of Araújo, Western Region.

In addition to Marcelo Magaldi, the municipal health secretary and Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho, the governor of Amazonas, he signed the following document: Amazonas chief prosecutor Leda Mara Nascimento Albuquerque; 58. PDHSP (Public Health Human Rights) Prosecutor, prosecutor Silvana Nobre de Lima Cabral; Amazonas health secretary Rodrigo Tobias de Souza Lima; and Socorro Sampaio, president of the Hemoam Foundation.

According to Marcelo Magaldi, good management is interested in the computerization of data. This innovative system will prevent many diseases not only in Manaus but also in all Amazon municipalities. Arth A determination that Mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto improves the quality of life of our children. This project will help to identify and find children who have not been taken for the Foot Test by making an active search. ”

Prosecutor Silvana Nobre gathered information at several inter-institutional meetings to create a program of activities that resulted in joint arrangements. Sistem This system demonstrates a degree of efficiency in service and the type of assistance in which the state and the municipality integrate the network in a way never seen before. Today, the state and the municipality, together with the Prosecutor's Service and the Hemoam Foundation, are holding hands to build a new reality, not only for Manaus but also for the Amazon. ”

The administration system created by Manaus City Hall will be combined by Sesame to serve the health units in the internal municipalities of the state. Through a shared online spreadsheet, authorized agents fill and track updated data in real time.

Sayesinde With the right information available on the palm, this new online system will help Semsa make effective and effective decisions to improve population care, Belediye said Marcelo Magaldi, municipal health secretary.

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