Sunday , May 22 2022

New surgery revokes Junior Lima in Cuiabá


His oldest sister, Sandy, the musician Junior Lima, explained on Saturday that the 17-year-old must cancel a show for Manimal from the electronic music duo in Cuiabá. Leaves without surgery. "

"During my nearly 30-year career, I have passed very serious sections and I have rarely had to remove a show because of health. This time it is a little more serious," he insisted.

. There is a catheter that connects the kidney to the bladder, so there is no blockage, a more serious problem. […] I want you to know that in the worst possible cases, pneumonia, renal colic, bowel disorder … "The issue is directly linked to the last-minute operation carried out on October 30th, less than a month ago," the singer said.

"These two surgeries. I did the first one, it was an emergency. There were three shows marked between one operation and the other. I managed to complete the first two, but in every show I did, I started to feel more pain, worse, because it hurts me."

My next operation, the limit is Monday, when I'm gonna do it. But because the Saturday show is so close to the history of the surgery, I can't do it, because it hurts me to do a show. I'm in a lot of pain and I hope you understand me. "

Finally, Junior appealed to the audience on the 15th edition of Intermed Centro-Oeste, an event for college students: "Next time I have the opportunity to play at Cuiabá, I promise I will do my best show." . We are having a lot of fun. "

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