Tuesday , June 22 2021

New option of Unimed Noroeste / RS offers more security to beneficiaries

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In order to provide greater security to the beneficiaries and their dependents, Unimed Noroeste / RS has begun offering the “Amparo familiar” program, a product already available in the entire region of the cooperative scope. From this new option, the medical services network guarantees, in the event of the death of the registered user, the continuity of the coverage in the health plan, be it corporate, individual or family, without the need to pay monthly fees for the period. one or more three years.

How is the new allowance recruited?

The benefit is marketed to customers under the age of 70 and can be extended to active dependents to guarantee the continuity of coverage set in the contracted plan. To participate in the “Amparo acquaintance”, an additional amount is required starting at R $ 3.99 per month in the plan, which varies according to the contracted offer (regional, state or national), with the option to hire one or three years. During the use of this assistance, fees for joint entries and other ancillary products remain. “This product aims to provide safety for the family at an affordable cost,” said Triane Batista, market manager at Unimed Noroeste / RS.

Users of Unimed Noroeste / RS plans who want to benefit or get more information can contact the cooperative’s commercial sector by calling (55) 3331-9702 and (55) 3331-9703 or by e-mail. [email protected]. Another available channel is WhatsApp (55) 3331-9700.

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