Sunday , November 29 2020

Monument in space: spacecraft will bring the ashes of famous scientists to the moon – 11/22/2020

Have you ever thought to look at the moon and know that there are remains of an already gone family member nearby? Because in 2021 this will be possible for some people. One company plans to capitalize on the mission of the American space agency NASA to send containers containing ash and human DNA to the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

The plan will take place during the Luna 02 mission, which aims to explore the Moon region known as Death Lake in July 2021. The idea is that these capsules are left there as some sort of orbital monument.

The firm responsible for all this is Celestis, which specializes in sending the ashes of loved ones to space. On this journey, the remains and / or DNA samples of famous scientists, teachers and also author of the book “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968), Arthur C. Clarke, written with the film will be sent. By Stanley Kubrick.

Another key traveler is the geologist Mareta West, who helped the Apollo 11 – marked by the first manned lunar landing – to pick the place for it to take place safely.

Famous people will not be the only unconventional plan to hold a memorial service on the Moon.

Anyone willing to pay $ 12,500 (just over $ 67,000 at the current price) can send the remains of their relatives into space. However, reservations have already been closed. It was also possible to send the DNA itself, according to Celestis.

In an interview with, the company’s co-founder Charles Chafer said that the Luna 02 mission is “to congratulate those who made a tangible contribution to humanity (…) to continue exploring space. It is appropriate that we move the borders of your one planet, our rituals, celebrations and memorials.” said.

The ship module involved in the Luna 2 mission is planned to have six containers from the Celestis company, each containing 10 to 13 capsules containing ash and human DNA.

This will be the 18th space mission Celestis has carried out since its founding in 1994, but will be the second space mission that will take the jars to the surface of the Moon.The company sent symbolic parts of the cremated remains and human DNA into suborbital space and orbit. from the world.

Celestis is not the only company that offers this type of service. The company also offers space Elysium “packages” where you want to send the ashes into space. It charges $ 9,950 for the first 50 participants on the mission and $ 11,950 for subsequent bookings.

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