Monday , July 26 2021

Ludmilla sided with João and strengthens criticism of racism

As soon as he finished his show on “BBB 21” this Saturday (3), Ludmilla took to Twitter and wrote “João’s black face is even more beautiful”, accompanied by a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes.

The mention of the professor’s hair clarified once and for all an observation made during the demonstration, understood as “indirect”. Ludmilla: “The next song I’m going to sing now talks about something the world needs, it’s respect. It respects our fear, it respects our color, it respects our hair. It respects me **!”

The episode made it clear that Ludmilla was bringing home information from the outside; this characterizes an intervention and contradicts a fundamental tenet of the reality show.

As is well known, this Saturday afternoon João was commented on his hair while helping Rodolffo and Caio dress up his monster costume – a disheveled-haired “caveman”.

Rodolffo - Reproduction / Globoplay - Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 21: Rodolffo dressed like a caveman

Picture: Playback / Globoplay

When the country singer saw Caio’s wig, he said: “Your hair is almost the same as that of João.” Juliette is there too, she agreed: “This is a black power”. João replied: “It’s not the same. It’s different.” Juliette tried to rectify the situation: “Not true, but if short and well done”.

João did not say anything else at the time, but he was feeling bad. She even cried while talking about the episode with Camilla. And he said, “I was so uncomfortable. And I couldn’t say I didn’t think he was cool at the time, and I don’t think he even noticed it. Because it was really annoying. I kept thinking, man, I’m not a caveman just because my hair is like that.”

Speaking about the hair on the show and the message on Twitter, Ludmilla clearly demonstrated his support for João’s discomfort, and he became the victim of offensive comments about his hair. In case of a major backlash, she sued Val Marchiori after comparing the singer’s hair with Bombril.

Ludmilla won in the first place, but Marchiori appealed and at the end of March the court won the socialite case. The singer expressed her feelings on Twitter: “I’m not going to give up, nor just for me. I have visibility, I have proof, and I’m still going over it. Imagine who is anonymous? I can’t and we can. ‘Don’t give up”.

Ludmilla’s comment in support of João, made during a demonstration at “BBB”, must have a moral impact – it gives the teacher courage and strength. But I don’t think it has a bigger impact on the game or on the public, unfortunately it’s pretty divided on that. Many celebrated the singer’s brave demeanor, while others repeated crimes about her behavior, many of which were racist.

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