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Life Mirror: Alain blames Isabel

Mirror of Life: Alain blames Isabel - Divulgle £ o / TV Globo / EspelhodaVida

Mariane (Kéfera Buchmann) and Josi (Thati Lopes), Cris (Vitória Strada) on Monday, in Mirror of Life, prepared a plan to embarrass at TV Globo. Amor displays a video with the scenes of love between Infinito and Isabel (Alinne Moraes) and Alain (João Vicente de Castro).

The plan of both of them creates an embarrassing situation and is shot by the anger of the journalist director.

Find out what else is in today's section:

Mariane is shaking with the end of Alain's and Cris's participation. The master came to White Rose. Carmo suspects that during the presentation of Sergio, Mariane is convicted of the incident. When Gentil learns that Ana is in the city, he doesn't want to see Américo's reaction. Zezé proves the forgery of Americo in the game. Isabel obtains proof against Mariane and Josi. Isabel is blackmailed, Lenita. Alain does not accept his criticism of Bola. Américo brings himself closer to Home. Cris looks for Dalton.

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