Friday , August 19 2022

Lawyer dragged on the ground in handcuffs and attacked by GO Prime Minister


Members of the Goiás Military Police attacked the lawyer Orcelio Ferreira Silverio Junior while he is handcuffed and motionless. Images of violence went viral on social networks this Wednesday (21/7).

The video shows the professional throwing a series of slaps and punches and being dragged on the ground after military police tried to intervene in favor of a flannel, which was also vehemently approached. The images were recorded by people on the street where the lawyer was attacked.

Lawyer beaten and dragged on the ground while handcuffed by PM from GO

Goiás’ OAB branch issued a statement stating that it denied the violence. “The ruthlessness and unpreparedness shown by the police in the videos is fundamentally shocking due to the blatant misconduct in the conduct of the police, who acted unconstitutionally, using force beyond what is necessary for the case, legal and even contrary to the provisions contained in the Standard Operating Procedure (PO) of the Goiás Military Police (PMGO) “

President of the OAB Federal Council, Felipe Santa Cruzcondemned the attacks. “Disgusting footage of police aggression (cowardice) against a lawyer in Goiás. Militia who even knew they were being filmed. Imagine what they did without a witness! We will follow the case and count on an exemplary sentence. Solidarity with our colleagues from Goiás.”

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On July 4, ConJur published a report on another case of police harassment against a lawyer. Therefore,
Lawyer Ismail Santos Schmitt He was maliciously approached and detained at the headquarters of the State Prison in Porto Alegre, just because he was stationary in his vehicle. Military police officers violently immobilized him, handcuffed him, and broke his OAB wallet.

The lawyer had gone to the scene to assist a detained client. He introduced himself and entered the prison unit, but inside his vehicle, waiting for the magazine sector to open. He was casually wearing a sweatshirt and sneakers for his Corpus Christi vacation.

A Prime sergeant then touched the window of the vehicle and said, “Who are you? What are you doing here? And why is this car in the military?” Asked. Ismael presented the OAB card, but was informed that the document was not sufficient. He told police he had no other documents, as an ununiformed soldier shouted that his wallet was insufficient and ordered Ismail to leave the vehicle.

The lawyer was immobilized and the Emir’s portfolio was divided into two parts. He was handcuffed outside his seat for two hours until the authorized military officer arrived. His arrest was decided for the crime of humiliation and he was taken to the Civil Police for redemption action.

Another case occurred in São Paulo in May this year. A delegate orders the lawyer to arrest Eder Canavan for telling his clients to remain silent during interrogation and not to give out their cell phone passwords.

The Civil Police’s version is that Canavan was sent on the orders of the head of a crime syndicate to intimidate two women. However, the mother of one of the clients denied this information and stated that she was the one who hired the lawyer.

In João Pessoa, lawyers were also punched and kicked.The central police station of the Paraíba Civil Police. Advocate for concessions of OAB-PB, Igor GuimaraesHe was physically assaulted, his cell phone was broken, his pants were torn, and he was nearly arrested.

Most of the confusion is in cell phone videos and their life on Instagram. “I will tell you that I felt like I was in Nazi Germany there. It was as if I had entered a time machine and entered a military dictatorship in 1964. I have never seen such authoritarianism. It looked so daring. The text of the constitution was torn apart and we lived in barbarism,” summarizes Igor Guimarães. ConJur.

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