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Julius's death put Lola in trouble at Eramos Six · TV News

Julius (Antonio Calloni), who is becoming increasingly weakened, will be unable to resist another hospitalization and die in front of his sons in Weed Six. The seller will leave the family in the worst case, full of debt and penniless to pay. Lola (Gloria Pires), who is in trouble, will still not trust her husband's loyalty when she sees Marion (Ellen Rocche) at the funeral.

The scenes will begin to re-shoot Angela Chaves from November 29th. Before the tragedy, merchant Emilia (Susana Vieira) is about to realize her dream of starting her own business by discovering her willingness to lend money to Assad to propose a new company.

Justina's mother (Julia Stockler) will decide to help her nephew after seeing her nephew's wife cut double with alcoholism. To trade, he will call the seller his mansion and then propose capital to open a small shop.

The Patriarch, "I will fulfill my obligations, such as the Holy, every story you lend, I will pay with interest" I promise.

Blood transfusion

With the control in hand, the seller can't go too far. Feeling severe pain in his abdomen, he will faint at the door and be found by almost lifeless Higino (Thiago Justino). Susana Vieira, bakın See the hospital phone number in the catalog. Ask them to come as soon as possible..

In a serious situation, Julius will have to have a blood transfusion, but Alfredo (Nicolas Prattes) will be the only donor to agree. He apologizes for all his blackmail and he will finally have the chance to live with his own father. "I felt the greatest joy I've had in my life to save him," he confesses to his brothers.

Despite all efforts, the worker will be unable to resist the procedure. On the brink of death, he will finally imagine that he can start his own business.

While Lola is excited to see the last smile on her face, Carlos (Danilo Mesquita) picks up the patient's wrist and realizes that it's the worst. "Mom, he's gone," the medical student will announce.

Sad Farewell

Lola will not rest for a moment at her husband's funeral, because she will now be reminded that she will have to raise the heirs alone and without the wardrobe clerk's salary. Isabel (Giullia Buscacio) is in despair “What are we going to do, Mom? Living, paying the house, what about the bills? ”Isabel (Giullia Buscacio).

The housewife will try to calm down even if there is no installment to pay for your property. Gloria will relieve Pires' character. "Everything will be arranged, girl. God is great, will not leave us. I know you will not."

He'il get another knife at the end of the ceremony. Among the separated people, marriage will look back one last time. Marion will be surprised to see a rose in her hand going to her husband's grave.

Kız The girl I met. Why here? ”Clotilde's sister (Simone Spoladore). With the capture, the courtesy will make sure that her husband is her boyfriend at the six-hour soap opera.

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