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Joelma leads the game about domestic violence in marriage – Celebrities Gossip


In a magazine interview Marie Claire
, singer told the story of Joelma game domestic violence
from childhood until the end of his marriage to the musician Ximbinh to

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    Joelma and Chimbinha
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Joelma and Chimbinha

Joelma met Ximbinha when he was 23 and was still singing in the band "Fazendo Arte". They approached friends and soon began to produce the artist's solo CD. Their relationship in marriage and musical relations lasted 18 years. After a while, the behavior of the musician began to change.

In the interview Joelma says when the attackers started against him: Beth Two years in the relationship (2000). Beth In the relationship (2000). He hit me in the face and my eyes were swollen. I couldn't even say why this happened. I also told him that I didn't want any more. I was very scared and embarrassed when I saw that my face was covered with bruises. "

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According to the singer, Ximbinha promised that he would not reproduce the aggression: "He would promise that if I gave him a chance, he would prove it. That's what he always said: he wouldn't repeat aggression. He looked like a confessioner. I believe it." Two years later, the musician attacked the artist.

"He had drunk for a few days this afternoon, he came back in. I asked someone to tell me I was on the edge. And he went to look for him. In Recife, we were in a house with a second floor and an iron-framed wall with an unprotected porch. I'm sorry because I sent it to him and he started hitting his head against the wall One person said to another: Gee, I wanted to go there but I'm scared.A group of singers until I got out. "I don't know what's gonna happen to me. If I lost my life, I'd be injured," the singer said.

The end of the relationship between Joelma and Ximbinha

Joelma and Chimbinha
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Joelma and Chimbinha

The artist was afraid to continue with Ximbinha after the new aggression and walked with a shock machine to use it if it was attacked. The singer decided to end her 18-year marriage in 2015 after discovering that the musician had been with another woman for about three years and transferred the couple's money from her company.

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Fear of having something for her children gave her the power to stop marrying: l I began to fear my children. For this, they may have to monitor violence. I was too tired and the story of betrayal was like the last straw, "he said. joel Up

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