Wednesday , November 25 2020

João Alberto, killed in a supermarket in Porto Alegre, was to get married in December

The funeral of 40-year-old black João Alberto Silveira Freitas, who was killed by security guards at the Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre on Thursday night, was celebrated yesterday with a call for justice and accusation of racism. At the time the tomb was closed, in addition to condemning the two security guards who committed the crime, those present demanded an indictment from a Carrefour investigator, which appeared in footage of the attack that resulted in death.

The funeral and funeral ceremony took place at the Municipal Cemetery of São João in the state capital. The current woman, Milena Borges Alves, was very impressed. João Alberto’s father, João Batista Freitas, did not stay away from the coffin for a long time. Three of João Alberto’s four children were also present: Thaís, 22; Tainara, 16; and Desiré, 9. Son João Alessandro, 15, refused to attend the ceremony.

– Marilene Santos Manoel, ex-wife of João Alberto and mother of three youngest children, – said that she did not want to see the image of her dead father as a last memory.

João Alberto’s eldest daughter, Thaís, said he learned of his father’s death after contacting his cousins ​​at dawn on Friday. After a short while, he began receiving messages containing news and videos about scenes of aggression.

– This video is a monstrosity, it may have been immobilized and waiting for the police to arrive. The young woman, who works as a cleaner and is the mother of João Alberto’s only 6-year-old grandson, said their job is not to kill.

João retired from disability, lived on minimum wage, worked in the neighborhood and helped his father. She lived with her partner Milena Borges Alves, and her daughter has been particularly happy in the last days. Finally, in early December, he would marry Milena. They had been waiting for that moment since last year, but the ceremony was postponed due to the epidemic. They have lived together for nine years since João left his ex-wife Marilene Santos Manoel.

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