Tuesday , May 17 2022

Invited to Castello Branco Petrobras


247 – former director of the Central Bank and Vale, Economist Roberto Castello Branco was invited to take over Petrobras and reported the newspaper to S. Paulo in O Estado. Castello Branco was part of the team of Paulo Guedes, who advised in the economic field of Jair Bolsonaro. The idea of ​​the new government is to keep the current president of the government run by Ivan Monteiro in the government. There are negotiations to take responsibility for Banco do Brasil.

"If these negotiations were confirmed, the order of Caixa could have been in the hands of Rubem Novaes or Pedro Guimarães, explained this source, had direct knowledge of the negotiations."

According to the newspaper, "Castello Branco Guedes is seen as a man of trust, and his name has already been accepted for the post. However, since Monteiro's work in Petrobrás is well evaluated by the future Minister of Economy," Monteiro said, According to a report on his report, Guedes claimed that financial restructuring was already done in the company and that the company explained it. In recent years, wear and tear is seen as an obstacle to its approval. "

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