Thursday , August 11 2022

Indicator Antecedente de Emprego has reached the lowest level since December 2016, says FGV


According to the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), the Pre-Employment Indicator (IAEmp) fell 0.2 points from September to September after 8 consecutive falls. The lowest level since December 2016 was 90.0 points.

# The previous employment index (IAEmp) showed a decline in the process of expectations correction. The withdrawal of the IAEmp shows that the optimism about the dynamism of the economic activity in 2018, which is below expectations, reversed. The economist of the Brazilian Institute of Economics (Ibre / FGV), Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho said that there is still uncertainty about the growth in 2019.

Mutual Unemployment Indicator (DCI) increased by 2.6 points in October compared to October and was realized as 100.3 points.

The ICD is an indicator with a similar signal to the unemployment rate, ie the smaller the number, the better the result. The IAEmp, on the other hand, reveals the future generational divorce expectation, the higher the level, the more satisfactory the outcome is.

"The increase in the mutual unemployment rate (ICD) shows a labor market that is still very difficult for the worker. The fact that the unemployment rate falls properly is not yet sufficient to ensure that the worker feels an improvement in the current labor market.", Completed Barbosa Filho.

DCI has been created from data disaggregated in the four family income classes of the Consumer Survey, which seeks to capture the perception of the current labor market situation. The IAEmp is a collection of series from Industry, Service and Consumer Surveys, all of which are approved by FGV. The aim is to predict the direction of the labor market in the country.

In IAEmp, only three out of seven components increased in October and increased 8.1 points compared to September, highlighting the future measure of Consumer Survey's future local employment.

In ICD, revenues that contributed most to the increase in the indicator in October had the lowest two categories: those with monthly family income of R $ 2,100.00 (+6.1 points); and R $ 2,800.00 between R $ 4,800.00 ($ 4,2 points).

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