Tuesday , June 22 2021

“I’m just shipping a product that’s my stamp of quality,” says a man suspected of commanding women trafficking | Fantastic

“I export women to many countries: the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Europe, Bolivia,” Cotait says on a sound system.

He traded his victims as if they were property, and if he had a beauty title or a huge number of followers on the internet, values ​​skyrocketed.

“I am only sending an export product with my stamp of quality, so I checked the material,” he says.

Rodrigo’s former client Wissar Nassar is one of those hiring minors. There is a shopping center in Paraguay Ciudad del Este. One of Wissar’s victims would have been funk singer MC Mirella when she was still young.

“I paid for it. Cash, I paid money. I went to withdraw money. The girl didn’t even have a bank account, she was 17 … 16 or 17,” she says in a voice.

The Núbia Óliiver model has been studied as a lure of the plan. In the video above, watch the special report that provides details of the investigation and shows who is one of the biggest women smugglers ever detected by the Federal Police in Brazil.

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