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If selected, I'll have three more years with Crefisa & # 39; says Galiotte


The president of Palmeiras, Mauricio Galiotte, has two important recognitions in the coming weeks. The end of the Brazilian Championship is approaching the same intensity as the 24th election, which the manager is trying to re-elect. In an exclusive interview state On Wednesday, he explained the plans in detail for the possible new era and said he has agreed to renew with the club sponsor Crefisa.

This year, the company injected R $ 78 million into sponsorship, a figure that could lead to an increase in the maintenance of the partnership. The goal is to renew three more seasons.

Crefisa has a sponsorship deal only until February. Is there a deal to renew?

If I chose 24, the contract with Crefisa will be renewed for another three years. I have not yet discussed the details of the contract. But if he chooses a fan, I can say that Crefisa will continue at Palmeiras. The only thing I can do to stay in Crefisa is Palmeiras. Whether or not as president. We have to think about the club, the institution. We must enlarge Palmeiras. For the Palmeiras project, Crefisa is extremely important and fundamental for ambitious goals.

But what if you leave your choice to Genaro Marino?

This is a situation I can't answer. What I can do to keep Crefisa, I will. If I don't, I will. We have to think about the club, the institution. It is important for our bold goals.

You brought Felipon with the biggest hit?

It was a great hit. By the middle of the year, we had good figures with Roger's work, but although the numbers were positive in terms of performance, we considered that the group did not have a profile of a winning group. We wanted to change this attitude. When we think of Felipão, we think it is a leader inside the history and curriculum winners, to identify with the club. At that moment, we thought Palmeiras' profile. We hired Felipão and it worked.

Were you surprised you came back?

She gave me the one who was really glad to be here. Day after day, joy, optimism, commitment passed. It is very identical with the supporter. That makes a difference. The group's leading coach, the winner, is the players who are here and the champions are clearly obviously a respect, a commitment, commitment. This is noticeable. Actually, Palmeiras is leveraged. We had a change of attitude.

How will Palmeiras be at the next Paulista Championship?

The championship was small because of everything in the final game. Paulista was a "Paulistinha" at that moment. People affected the game directly. I can't agree to walk on the Palmeiras jersey. Consider the state strategically. When we start the game we will decide to climb up to men or teammates. Paulista is small next to the other championships. Let's use it as a preparation time.

Were you annoyed that the dressing room made by Corinthians in the Paulista finals?

I would say this is absolutely unnecessary. Doing such a thing is not our profile, it does not add anything.

Allianz Park's lawns are still uncomfortable. How do you follow this question?

After the shows, lawns are undoubtedly a cause of concern. This is our partner WTorre's contractual responsibility. What we expect is Palmeiras to enter the field and the pitch is in good condition. This makes great teams for us. Our position is to reconsider this theme and thus there is no technical harm in Palmeiras' playing in Allianz Parque. By contract, we have to play in the arena when it is available, but the lawn must be able to use it. Otherwise, we must reflect and seek alternatives.

How to negotiate for Brazil 2019?

We agreed with the closed TV set. Interactive Sport has the autonomy to transfer the rights of the contract to Palmeiras and other channels such as TNT and Space. Regarding Globo (open TV and pay-per-view), we try to defend the club's interests in conversations. We know our potential. There are disputes over the numbers discussed. Open.

How is Palmeiras' relationship with the FPF and the Corinthians? Is there a fear of retaliation?

No relationship exists. I understood that Palmeiras had nothing to do with anyone who no longer respected Palmeiras. I have no concerns about disability in the regional championship. People who make football the most. Palmeiras will prepare, hold the championship for the year, have bigger competitions, have more visibility, is of greater importance, and that's what Palmeiras will focus on. In relation to other clubs Palmeiras has a good, institutional relationship with all teams.

Is it possible for the team to play with the kids at the Paulista Championship?

This is possible, but there are some limitations. Consider each game strategically. Palmeiras base, one of the most beautiful moments in the history of the club, took place in all the finals of last year and repeats itself this year.

Have you talked to soccer manager Alexandre Mattos about the renovation?

Alexandre Mattos is definitely one of the best professionals working in football. Her resume responds. Teams are strong, they're right for the titles. If chosen, my idea is to renew it with him, so he will stay at Palmeiras longer. I told him my idea was to stay. Alexandre gave me a similar expectation, I wish I could stay with us. Now we have to wait for the next president. Renew our idea with Mattos.

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