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Hamilton wins samba with Brazil on Sunday

Five-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton left with positive memories of passing through Interlagos, São Paulo on Sunday, and even more with the Brazilian spirit. The British rider won the Brazilian Grand Prix and won the World Constructors Championship championship at Mercedes, and he was very shaky with the 72nd victory of his career, even falling in love with the Tatuapé academics on the podium.

Hamilton's braziness was evident in a few minutes of his Brazilian GP. A fan of Ayrton Senna, the pilot drew a special picture of the same yellow helmet used by the idol and painted the Redeemer Jesus on his back. In the second Interlagos victory, the British came out on the podium and followed him Kim Redik's Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton was the most recognized rider on the weekend and this Sunday, he was applauded by the biggest audience of the race for the last eight years. During the contest weekend, according to the organization, approximately 150,000 people were in Interlagos.

The victory in Brazil was facilitated by an accident. On the 45th lap, then the leading Verstappen crashed as he tried to cross Esteban Ocon by late. On two occasions at the road, he allowed Hamilton and his Mercedes to get back to the point where they had lost a few laps when passing by the Dutch.

The world's five-second champion fell into the direct position and spent a fairly regular weekend. The result in Brazil allowed the driver to show that he was relieved and triumphed, even with guaranteed success.

After the race, Hamilton said that Verstappen made a mistake because he took a lot of risk. The English champions, "Fortunately did not hurt and did not keep running, behaved differently because they were not competing for the position."


Winning the victory directly with an opponent's accident did not diminish the joy of Lewis. The pilot vibrated effectively while parking and leaving the car after the race. He embraced the mechanics that cut the protective grid to accommodate the five-time champion, which eventually led to the fall of the metal structure. Lewis fell.

The joy of victory so much, everyone cared about the accident. The result was his fifth title in the Mercedes World Championship. ”The mechanics have worked so hard, the last few years have been an amazing journey with them, everyone works hard and it was an honor to guide them in this season,“ he said.

Hamilton at the podium party entered the champagne and allowed him to fall into the samba next to the beautiful hybrids. The English hobbyist, who listened to the music, gave it to those who were in their hands and ordered the rhythm.

The Brazilian GP has left English closer to Germany's Formula One win by Michael Schumacher. The scoreboard is now 91-72.

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Hamilton's brightness contrasted with the appreciation of another major GP character. Spanish Fernando Alonso said goodbye to Interlagos and found his two world championships in 17th place. The McLaren pilot won two championships behind the championship and is now on his way to Abu Dhabi's final exam for his F-1 career.

Alonso, renowned for his power, resigned as a result. Dık It was a normal day, no matter what we did, we wouldn't be in the top 10. However, scoring would be difficult. Yine The Spanish is saying goodbye to Interlagos on the road.

A striking trail in the history of Interlagos, Hamilton and Alonso. In 2007, the two drivers were their team mates when they came to Brazil for the McLaren team's title. Both missed a chance to win the championship. After a year of civil war, the Spanish team chose to leave.

The competition between them has been cooled down in recent years, because the British dominated this category, Fernando Alonso became so supportive and competing in other categories to compete. A competition from China to China is going to compete in the World Championship competition.

Dı In Formula 1, we know that the results will be repeated every 15 days, something similar to what we're going through in Interlagos, os he shouted, ın we just have to have a good race, os he said in Abu Dhabi. Alonso's main goal in 2019 is to win Indianapolis 500.

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