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Gloria Pires, 57, talks about family challenges in quarantine and sex: ‘It gets better over time’

Gloria Pires doesn’t talk about politics – that is what her adviser suggests before the interview begins. He does not give details about the work he did and regretted. And it doesn’t comment on the behavior of others. All this warns that one of Brazil’s greatest actresses is the result of the success of learning to say no. Thanks to him, he can better define his boundaries even in his own home today.

If maturity brought hard sleep and white hair (assumed despite family protests), it also brought the freedom to show how this actually happened. Getting old is not that easy. “But it’s easier when you embrace this situation,” he says. During his imprisonment, the actor even dyed strings for an advertising campaign. Then he went back to letting them be natural. “I feel good, beautiful, empowered.” Also during the quarantine, the actress continued to live at home with the whole family: her husband, singer Orlando Morais, four children (Cleo, Antonia, Ana and Bento), and the cat Garfield. “We went to the Brasilia house, thinking of spending a month or two, and we stayed six,” he remembers. “With fear, anticipation and fear, I had moments with my family that I really enjoyed traveling, going on vacation.”

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But it wasn’t all walks on Lake Paranoá. Intensive coexistence brought difficulties. “As before, I was always working, given so much authority. “When there was a storm, he was rarely together,” he says. “It was a tremendous learning experience to move in those moments, to look for the right word, the right attitude in the middle of the storm.” Sometimes the right attitude has been to set limits, to say “no”. Could Gloria quote an episode where this happened? He replies, “I can’t,” laughing, and once again exercises “no”.

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Since the age of 8, Gloria has been learning to take roles beyond the actress, while little Fatima lives in the novel “Stone Forest”. He was the producer of the movie “A Doubt”, which was postponed due to the pandemic. And she works as a businesswoman in Bemglô, a brand that was launched in 2014 with Orlando and her friend Betty Prado. Bemglô, originally inspired by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, offers a range of products from different areas focused on conscious consumption. He owns a physical store in Oscar Freire in São Paulo and is working to expand e-commerce to Portugal. Another innovation is a collection released this month with the Suntime brand. They are clothes made of sustainable fabrics, there is optimism in printed expressions – “Dias dias verde com virão” and “We are living the women’s days”. Gloria participated in the selection of fabric, color, shape and message. “I wanted clothes that could be used at home, but also with a different production, to work, go out and have fun.”

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Below are some key points of speaking.


It was new to have my husband and four children at my home. The best part was being with them. The two girls were already living alone, this was the turn. And Orlando travels a lot. So, as a couple, we had to make adjustments too. I am a freedom-loving person, but I think restrictions bring lessons. I feel like I have learned many things. Someone would take my place as the owner of the house and the mother of that family. In the daily deal. “

The world after the pandemic

“Simple things like hugging or kissing took another weight. I met my sister again, we hadn’t seen each other in six months and hugged her. I auditioned to do a job and she did too. This was a relief. “


“The idea that man is the boss and that there is money can bring us here with good things, but with this heavy bar we see: unbearable air, dirty water. But I’m waiting for good news soon. People will realize that this is not a hippie. There is no plan B for a planet. Who will be in front of us. I believe that people will understand that it is important for the public to act in politics while making decisions. I do not advertise someone. I endorse the works and good practices that I think are important. “

White hair

“For a while I wanted to leave my hair white. But in the last novel, ‘We were six people’ for 30 years in History, it would be complicated: the consensus was that I had my hair dyed and started making whites according to the continuity. When it was done I said ‘I’ll go now’. Everyone was against it, husband, children. But I stayed. And I love it. I feel good, beautiful, I feel empowered. ”


“Sleep changes a lot. There are times when I sleep better, sometimes you sleep worse – I’m doing orthomolecular medicine, taking supplements, meditating. But this is a process. It’s easier when you adopt this situation. I lived 57 years, I have wrinkles, sagging, this hair is mine. And it doesn’t make me suffer. When I was younger, I could think of this moment with greater difficulty. And my health is better now: I want to be healthy in order to enjoy my old age and everything I have worked for. Menopause is going well. At first I was scared. But it does not suffer. “

Fashion conscious

“I am very happy that Bemglô’s first collaboration went hand in hand with Suntime through a conscious fashion, including the reuse of textile waste and the pursuit of low environmental impact production. We want to live ‘Glorious Days’ not only in clothes, but in our relationship with nature ”.

53 years of career

“I have always been lucky to have presented me great projects. And for me, there was always a great desire to work. There were some things I didn’t want to do but eventually I did and it was very problematic. Oh my god, why did I come across this? I knew I shouldn’t have … “

I am not willing

Saying “no” has always been a problem, but it’s easier today. Learning at home is also around. The angel of the house that Virginia Woolf mentioned, I never realized I was around, but in quarantine (In the text of the English author, the angel is the ghost of a sympathetic, naive and selfless woman ready to sacrifice herself and sacrifice her will and ideas.). And this was important: understand my limitations. I could often say ‘yes’ but I had to say ‘no’. And I did. There are certain things I ‘don’t want’ (As Beatriz from Babilônia said) ”


I am very proud of his position. He is very strong and very strong against young people. On the right track. I just want you to suffer less, to take these people less seriously, because it’s a stage they want; Since they cannot shine, they want to shine by blowing others. I hope you can go to this place without suffering from these things, follow his path, set an example for these strong, strong, ideas and unafraid women. I applaud you. “

Feminist family

My mother was a feminist and my father was too. There was never the question of the oppressed sex and the dominant sex in the home. My father (Antonio Carlos Pires, actor) was a man who shared the care of my mother and children with the house. And my mother (Elza Pires, a housewife) also played a lot with my father. They had an amazing partnership, this is what I’ve always been looking for. I married a man like him. We are a feminist family. “


“Marriage has developed with ups and downs, but always with some certainty that he understands me, you know? He’s my partner, not just the boyfriend who brings the surprises, the flowers. And more. A person I have confidence in, with freedom. For me. freedom is very important and I think I was able to give it to him too. “


“I often say that sex is the same as breast milk. This is a job that starts in your mind: how accepted you feel, how comfortable you feel, how much you want and desired. It is something built. And in my experience it gets better over time. It is much better with self-confidence and freedom. Even saying ‘I’m not in the mood’. I am not willing ‘(laughing). “

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