Sunday , October 17 2021

Globo – replaces Ana Maria Braga and Fátima Bernardes in TV Foco


Ana Maria Braga, attacked by bees lives in Mais Você
Ana Maria Braga Live More From Globo. (Photo: Reproduction)

TV Foco'da TV Globo'nun direction has already hit the hammer and who will be in the absence of meticulous presentations announced Ana Maria Braga More, holidays, holidays or scattered holidays, and Fátima Bernardes, when he gets out of the morning meeting.

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Patricia Poeta will be a fixed server when Patricia Poeta wants to leave the program, according to journalist Flávio Ricco, UOL. Regardless of the situation, Patricia will be responsible for the weekly É de Casa.

Fátima Bernardes has an official backup. (Photo: Reproduction)

Ana Maria will have a couple of power: Ana Furtado and actor Ricardo Pereira. From now on, blonds will have fixed reserves. Cissa Guimarães and André Marques or Zeca Camargo did so until recently.

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Ana will also continue with his duties at the Casa and Ricardo will continue as a painter. The fact that he commanded programs outside of Brazil is heavy. Experience his experience and no one can deny it!

At the meeting, Patricia Poeta will replace Fátima. (Photo: Reproduction)

Next Monday, January 19, Ana, Mais will have to be away from Você, but this time, it will still be a Cissa Guimarães replacement. Ana Furtado will undergo a new radiotherapy session in the fight against cancer.

Flávio Ricco comes from the UOL and writes a daily column about the television in the portal.


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