Tuesday , May 17 2022

Gabriel Pensador and Giulia Britto's wedding ends


Gabriel Pensador and Giulia Britto's wedding is coming to an end - Reproduction / Instagram

After six years of marriage, the relationship between Gabriel O Pensador and Giulia Britto ended. Two of them had put an end to life two months ago and no longer lived under one roof.

The information, for an extra vehicle, was confirmed by the model on an official note on Tuesday (13): "We've done it well some time ago and we still love each other. On the same day, a lot of travel … But that's okay."

Singer and 25-year-old finished three years after the singer, two years old, by marriage to Anna and her mother, Anna Lima.

The rapper had not yet spoken officially or through the social networks. As far as they're known, they'll erase the photos they appear with, but they continue to respect each other.

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