Wednesday , October 20 2021

Fiat factory employees approve temporary suspension of employment contract | Companies


Joyful workers gives Fiat inside bet, in the metropolitan area Belo Horizonte, approved proposal temporary suspension of the employment contract (“fire“) made by Stellantis Group, owner of Fiat brands, Chrysler, peugeot to Citroen. The proposal was evaluated by approximately 9,000 employees and 98.09% approved the proposal.

Stellantis, in a note, global input scarcity, especially electronic parts, committed capacity the automaker’s ability to keep pace and production volume within predictable patterns.

“Suspension of the employment contract for professional qualification protects the jobs of the workers concerned and provides professional qualification, as well as the rights specified in the collective bargaining agreement, job stability and payment of allowances commensurate with the period of absence, protect purchasing power,” the company stated in the note.

Suspension of employment contract can be between two and four months and can be up to 6,500 workers.. The participating employee will receive a government subsidy in line with: Emergency Program for Employment and Income Sustainability There will be a supplement paid for by the Ministry of Economy and the automaker. The employee must also attend a virtual vocational qualification course and attend at least 75% of the classes.

The agreement will be valid for one year and will be effective from 1 October. HE Value It found that Stellantis has yet to determine the number of employees whose contracts will be suspended, or when it will begin “firing” people.

Fiat factory in Betim — Photo: Description/Fiat

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