Monday , May 16 2022

Felipo asks Palmeiras & # 39; s enthusiastic calm and defends his style: & # 39; I was always the result & # 39;


The closeness to the title of the Brazilian Championship did not disturb the peace of Palmeiras coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. In a Wednesday interview, after defeating Fluminense 3-0 at the Allianz Parque stadium in So Paulo, the coach asked the cast for the most. Take the title of the alviverde team.

Palmeiras reached 70 points, and on Wednesday at eight, Internacional, 10, gave Flamengo, 12 an advantage for Grmio and So Paulo. Coach, "We got 12 points in the title, the title is close, too far, we need to respect our competitors, players know this and we should continue on the ground with the feet," said the coach.

The team can guarantee this j title and contribute to the results of this Thursday if they defeat the Paran on Sunday (PR) in London. To do so, Internacional must win the Amrica-MG in Porto Alegre and Botafogo on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. J o Flamengo will survive the race if he wins the next two appointments – at the Maracan stadium Santos and Recife at Sports.

Felipo said the relaxed situation of the team was a demonstration that Palmeiras showed decisive power despite the show's criticism of football. "We had a project and we go there.1 If we do not play intelligently for some, we play in a concrete way to achieve the goal. I've always been a coach, never hid another carapua.

The team returns to the field in Londrina on Sunday, making various changes to the scale at the Caf stadium. Di We're going to trade at least five or six players again, beş he promised. After the money, Almeanz Parque in Palmeiras, Rio de Janeiro will meet Amrica-MG in Vasco Stadium and the campaign will end with Vitria.

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