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Dr. Check out the testimony of Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend: ‘he could have killed my daughter’ | Fantastic

During the investigation into Henry’s death, the police came to the story of two other children who were the children of ex-girlfriends of the city council: a now 13-year-old girl – who testified at the Child and Adolescent Police Station ten days ago – and an eight-year-old boy. The girl’s mother spoke Fantasticbut he does not want his identity to be recognized.

In the video above, you can watch an excerpt from the Fantástico report with the mother’s statement: “Jairinho, which I know that my daughter told, what she did with her, I pray to God today for the salvation that she would not be saved because she could have killed my daughter.”

The negative reaction of the children to the existence of Jairinho, told by the parents, is common with Henry’s story. The police already know that on March 7, Henry vomited and cried when he returned to the apartment where he lived with his mother Monique Medeiros and his stepfather.

Her ex-girlfriend’s daughter experienced the same thing in childhood: “I said she would come, then she got sick, vomited, held me down. Or I would ask my mother: ‘Can I stay with you, grandma? I don’t want to go, I want to stay here ‘. ”

Listen to Fantástico’s podcast and find out even more about the case:

Despite this, the mother did not understand what was happening. The story came about by chance. “It’s been over a year since I left him. One day, he had a crying attack while watching a TV show about child abuse with my mother and he told me,” he recalls.

The girl lived with a councilor from three to five years old. In this interview, the mother explained the details of what her daughter told the police: “I did not understand what was there. Persuasion, power of speech, power of speech, an impressive person. I did not notice, this hurts me every day. The only thing that makes me feel good is that my daughter looks at me and tells me that I should blame.” Do you understand? ”

Asked by our journalists, the ex-girlfriend asked why she had never reported anything before: “Just out of fear. An efficient man, a man with money. He always explained to me: I know a lot of people, a judge, a judge. So, he was against his word,” it was real “.

Watch the full report below:

The Henry case: Fantastic hears news about children who will be abused when their mother is dating Dr.

The Henry case: Fantastic hears news about children who will be abused when their mother is dating Dr.

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