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Doctors condemn Gonzaguinha's announcement of pediatric emergency closure


Pediatricians in the Gonzaga Mota District Hospital (Gonzaguinha) in Barra do Ceará have announced that the pediatric emergency can be closed there. According to the Ceará Doctors' Association, professionals working in the unit received a notification via the WhatsApp app on Tuesday 6.

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The union also said it plans to meet with the hospital's clinical management to clarify the case.

According to the secretariat of health, the pediatric emergency and other sectors of the hospital are banned for retirement, but they do not confirm that activities will be permanently closed. It also adds that all calls from banned sectors are transferred to nearby units.

Union president Edmar Fernandes warned that he will begin reforming the hospital in July this year. The warning signaled the possibility of the closure of the pediatric emergency. "I asked for a meeting with the management of the hospital, which would not end the sector, but would be expanded by reform, and that participation would be back to normal after completion of the work," the minister said. According to him, renewal will take a month, but still continues.

Still, according to the president, local doctors announced on Tuesday that the emergency situation would close. Pediatric specialists should be placed in other hospitals. Or In recent years we have attended public hearings condemning the decline in the number of pediatric beds, which are a vulnerable sector of the population, but they want an urgent situation that needs to be extended through reform, “he says.

The pediatrician Vládia Sampaio has been in the hospital for about 10 years and was one of the women who received news from WhatsApp. Heraldo Cavalcante, the clinic's director of the hospital, said the alert was sent by a group of local pediatricians. In addition, he said that Gonzaguinha's emergency couldn't be closed before the new location was ready, even if they had plans to build a new children's hospital, "he said.

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Officials said the warning would be reopened in the 19th of this month, but pediatrics remained closed. The infirmary will be disabled. The text, "It is not officially closed, it will be defined only after the end of the birth reform, but it will probably be." Said.

According to the message from the clinical director, the pediatric emergency is limited to retirement, but will not permanently end its activities. According to him, the estimate for the completion of the reform in the second phase is at least six months.

Romel Araújo, pediatric emergency, as well as other nursing wings had to be closed for retirement, according to the Fortaleza Municipality Health Specialized Hospitals and Specialized Unit coordinator, but it does not confirm that activities will be permanently closed. It also states that all sector calls are moved to nearby units as well as employees. Estimate of the end, until the second half of next year.

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