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Defense king stopped in Bahia, became evil and postponed Santos party

Nildon died in October 2008, at the age of 65, after a cardiac attack on Itaparica Island, where he was living with one of his children. After his early retirement at age 29, he became a real estate agent and supermarket manager in Salvador.

Apart from his wife, he moved to the island where he worked in a mineral water factory. During this time, Nildon received the rewards for the move against Pele Recognition made the former defender always remember the move.

Alberto Velloso, Nildon's son, admitted that after 2004 he had broken the party for Pelé, but said he would take the same attitude. Lum Son, I can't make any exception to the sport, I had to do my place, ”he said.

Zezão Castro, a reporter in charge of Nildon's recent interview, said the former defender was unable to condemn the pain or condemn the situation. I would do the same thing if I went back to Fonte Nova to face Pele.

After the release of the film, Alberto, the theater director, contemplated suing the producers of Pelé, but Nilson intervened and wanted the case to be forgotten so as not to be fırsat opportunistic ". He charged a fee to use the image, but didn't know that the blasphemy sound would be added to the script.

Journalist Paulo Leandro said, "Nildon did not deal with this, he was easy to behave. He was not benign, he was not depressed. watched the game in the stadium.

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