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Daughter & # 39; s stuck in the garage for an hour by walkway & # 39; swallowed & # 39;

Video of a woman "Swallowed" by a door walking on a pavement that has been automatically viral last week on social networks. While making numerous jokes about the situation, netizens tried to find out who the woman was and where it was recorded. Mystery solved by someone daughters Thaís Oliveira commented on the topic. Twitter profile.

According to Thaís, the unusual situation Goiania, Goiás, earlier this month, but the host shared security camera footage on social networks this weekend. She said her mother's staying. one hour She was rescued after being asked for help by a woman cleaning the sidewalks on the same street.

"He climbed into a sink and had a woman sweeping the street. Then he called my sister, and then they managed to call the owner."

Her daughter said it was also. "very worried" Along with his mother, but because the outcome of the story is not bad, stressed the "now just keeps laughing" case.

Endim I was worried that I thought you were sorry before, but he was laughing. Could be worse. There were two pitbulls in prison, and the landlord said that they liked to jump. ”

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