Friday , September 24 2021

Borja’s Palmeiras-Grêmio deal includes $1 million per loan, salary increase, exit date in case of offer, and Crefisa depreciation.

HE Last Saturday, Palmeiras sent Miguel Borja’s credit to Grêmio, aspect This Sunday, the report presents the conditions under which the deal was closed.

According to the people involved in the negotiation, the Immortal will pay 1 million dollars (R$5.21 million) Loan the Colombian by the end of 2022.

This amount will be used directly by Verdão to repay the debt. crackIn 2017, it invested approximately R$33 million to recruit the highlights at the time. National Athletics, from Colombia.

I do not make a contract between guild and Borja, in turn, Tricolor, palm trees (it was around US$100k or US$521,000) and will also give the athlete a supplement, raising the athlete’s salaries. 800 thousand BRL.

Another condition accepted by the Gauchos was: December 15, 2021If Verdão receives an offer from abroad by the attacker, Borja must be released in time before it can be sold.

Also, if this happens, the $1 million paid by the club from Porto Alegre to Verdão on the athlete’s loan will not be discounted.

But if no offers come in, Borja will normally follow Grêmio until the end of 2022.



Via: SE Palmeiras/Facebook | The striker had the look of Abel Ferreira

It is worth remembering that the top scorer’s renewal of his contract with Palmeiras during his loan period in Rio Grande do Sul was accepted by all parties.

Not last Saturday HE He also showed Alviverde’s reasons for agreeing to give the top scorer to Immortal instead of selling them..

According to the results, this is due to the financial reasons of the team from São Paulo and also while there is an understanding that Borja will not be in Abel Ferreira’s current squad, his chances of winning the absolute title are very high. Tricolor. This will help in the “showcase” and value the athlete so that he can be sold, which is São Paulo’s ultimate goal.

Borja earns a monthly salary of $100,000, about R$521,000. However, the board of directors in Palmeiras does a medium and long-term payroll calculation. Within a year, the foreigner’s salary would reach US$1.2 million, almost R$6.25 million.

The higher value will have a direct impact on the fiscal austerity policy Palmeiras is trying to implement for next season. HE He has learned in recent months that the main goal of club president Maurício Galiotte is to hand over the current position to the next president.

Additionally, in recent weeks, Alviverde’s payroll has received some influence, such as the return of names like Deyverson and Dudu, in addition to the hiring of left-back Jorge. Joaquín Piquerez of Peñarol announced on Saturday as reinforcements.

Palmeiras’ board of directors has made it clear that it sees Borja as a negotiable name and seeks to recapture at least some of its investment in the center going forward in 2017 when he was hired.

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