Wednesday , October 5 2022

Bolsonaro was booed and greeted when he arrived in Aparecida for the patron’s party


SAO PAULO — President Jair Bolsonaro was booed and greeted by the people accompanying him on his arrival in the city of Aparecida in the Paraíba Valley to attend the Patron Saint’s Day celebrations. Hundreds of people accompanied the president’s arrival in the early afternoon.

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In a video the president shared on social media, you can hear people saying “genocide”, “thief”, “murderer” and “he came out of Bolsonaro”. And then there are the cries of the “Bolsonaro myth”.

Bolsonaro arrived in Aparecida with a mask. On Saturday, he was fined in Peruíbe on the São Paulo coast for not wearing face protection equipment.

In Aparecida, Bolsonaro gave a reading during the afternoon service. Earlier, before the arrival of the president, Archbishop of Aparecida Dom Orlando Brandes said in his sermon at 9:00 a.m. Mass that “there can’t be an armed homeland to be a beloved homeland.”

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