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Bolsonaro says ‘we did everything possible to regain energy’ as he visits Amapá after 19 days and 2 interruptions | Amapá

“We can guarantee that energy security will remain in this state in the future. […] They were in need, but not without help. From the beginning, we have done everything possible to reclaim the state’s energy, “he said at a press conference.

HE IS it took 19 days for the president to visit the province in the middle of the crisis just for connect part of thermoelectric generators temporarily contracted. He made a short speech highlighting the actions of the Armed Forces.

Accompanying the visit, Mining and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque, plan so that a new energy crisis does not happen again.

National Congress President Amapá Senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) made the longest speech at the press conference, thanking the actions of the federal government. None of the authorities fined the companies responsible for the cut.

Brief ceremonies to power the state powered the generators – Photo: John Pacheco / G1

The federal government announced this Saturday that 100% of the state would be powered by thermoelectric generators, but now the conversation is: this is the beginning of the complete restoration. All Amapá only needs electricity on Thursday (26), with the installation of a new transformer to the main state substation.

Bolsonaro arrived at the Macapá airport shortly after 3 pm and departed for Brasília after 5 pm. On a quick visit to the state, him-her-it held brief ceremonies to run thermoelectric generators.

This was Bolsonaro’s second trip to Amapá. During his first visit to open Macapá airport in April 2019, the airport did not leave the terminal facilities.

This Saturday was welcomed outside by protesters and supporters. The protests extended to the state governor Waldez Góes (PDT) and even Alcolumbre.

Even if it was not on the agenda, Bolsonaro was expected to benefit from travel to sign an interim measure (MP) that provides benefits for consumers in the state affected by the power outage – exempting them from paying the electricity bill.

In the interview, the chairman, the document must be signed within the next few days and exempt users from the consumption payment 30 days before the MP is issued..

The equipment, which was contracted to meet the consumption needs of the state, even temporarily with the activation of 45 megawatts of energy, was installed at the Santa Rita substation, in the capital Macapá and elsewhere in the neighboring municipality Santana.

This Saturday, only 20 megawatts of the 45 contracted ships were connected. According to the Ministry of Mining and Energy (MME), the rest will be operational on Sunday (21). Until the last update of this report, there were no power neighborhoods in the southern and northern areas of Macapá.

In Macapá, Jair Bolsonaro visits contracted thermoelectric generators to power Amapá – Photo: John Pacheco / G1

The President’s visit was announced on Thursday (19) following dismissal requests from the directors of the National Electric Power Authority (Aneel) and the National Electric System Operator (ONS), which were rejected by the Federal District Court (TRF of the 1st District).

The delegation accompanying the President was formed by the Minister of Mines and Energy Bento Albuquerque; By the chairman of the Reserve Augusto Heleno Corporate Security Office (GSI); by senator Davi Alcolumbre; By the governor of Amapá, Waldez Góes (PDT); and by other officials.

Energy crisis in Amapá: thermoelectric generators should start up this Saturday

Energy crisis in Amapá: thermoelectric generators should start up this Saturday

In the last 3 weeks Amapaense lived without energy for part of the dayIt was established as a rotation and ration system according to the regions. It was necessary to maintain new habits at home and at work, not least because the program was not always met.

Many residents feared that their electronics would be lost as light restarted outside of shutdowns and turning. Sleeping was also a privilege.

Installation of a thermoelectric generator at the Santa Rita Substation in Macapá – Photo: GEA / Description

Initially, the federal government gave 10 days to fix the problem, but that didn’t happen. Subsequently, the energy distributor named Companhia de Eletricidade do Amapá (CEA) promised to end the rotation and continue full distribution on 26 November.

ECA, With thermoelectric generators, rotation will be suspended, but interruptions will continue during peak hours: 14:00 – 16:00 and 22:00 – 13:30. The CEO even wanted patience while the issue was resolved.

Understand the dimming in Amapá at 7 points in the video below:

Understand the blackout in Amapá in 7 points

Understand the blackout in Amapá in 7 points

Thermoelectric generators will guarantee supply until two more transformers of the state’s main substation are back to work. And then they stay behind to prevent further fainting.

The Federal Court is responsible for the “complete solution to the problem” by 25 November of the Macapá Transmission Power Lines (LMTE), which is connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN) and is responsible for the Macapá Substation, which was in charge of the Macapá Transformer Center, which was on fire on 3 November.

The center where the fire took place in Macapá – Photo: Wesley Abreu / Rede Amazônica

There is only one operating transformer in the Macapá Substation. To power the entire state, it is necessary to set up a second, which must be energized by 26 November. In addition, to operate safely in the power reserve, the state receives a third transformer sent from Boa Vista, which should arrive in December.

The second equipment, located in Laranjal do Jari in the south of the state, reached Macapá on Wednesday (18) after a major shipping operation due to its weight of about 200 tons. The journey by ferry took over 30 hours.

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