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Apple & # 39; s new app brings developer content together in one place

Apple has a community of more than 23 million registered developers in the development community and now has an app that promises to make life easier for Apple developers. The new Apple Developer replaces the official utility of the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Nowadays, information for developers is spread in emails that we think can be very productive in everyday business as well as on company websites. Instead of information about the annual event, it will have other features, such as technical and design articles, news and updates, videos and more. There will also be a way to sign up for the Apple Developer program.

The content will initially consist of four main sections:

  • Learn how to: developer information, news and updates;
  • video: Videos already hosted by WWDC;
  • WWDC: data for event participants;
  • account: profile management and program membership;
(Picture: Playback / Technical Crunch)

The purpose of Cupertino Giant is to use the app to collect relevant content to developers in a timely manner and to point to things that Apple & # 39; s developer website or in general do not even understand exist. It should also bring valuable clues over time, specifically targeting mobile devices.

Apple plans to expand developer base

The app starts at a time when Apple & # 39; s focus is on expanding the international developer community with investments in gyms and local program accelerators – which is already rewarding.

Last year, the Indonesian community increased its share by 60% following the opening of two Developer Academy facilities. In Brazil, it grew by 50% this year. Apple's first accelerator lab in India, Apple's software dedicated to the number of developers this season increased by 45 percent.

(Picture: Playback / Technical Crunch)

Other regions that rose in 2019 were the UK (+ 40%), France (+ 30%), Italy (+ 28%) and China (+ 17%). One of the things the company found in this global action was that professionals were more likely to open a utility on their smartphone than email it on their desktop; Mobile developers.

By centering all this content in one place, everything becomes more accessible. Apple Developer was released every Monday, but Apple Developer's membership management tools are only for the US at least for now. The app is available in the App Store for iOS, including compatibility with Apple Watch and iMessage.

Source: Tech Crunch

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