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A series is the top 10 in the world salaries; Or See how many athletes get on average on clubs

By the end of the year, the site Sports Intelligence He conducted a study evaluating which football leagues his players paid better. The analysis revealed that Brasileirão was the ninth with the highest average salary worth around 576 thousand euros (R $ 2.5 million per year), with an average of RMB 200,000 per month. Leading the list, the Premier League in the UK has an impressive average value of € 3.4 million per year (R $ 15 million).

Spain, which completed the top 5, was 2.5m euros (about $ 11 million) in average, and Italy with 1.7m euros (about $ 7.5m). Germany is worth 1.6 million euros (about R $ 7 million) and finally France's annual salary of 1.2 million euros (about R $ 5.6 million).

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Brazil is the only South American country in the Top 10 countries where European competitions are dominant. The only exceptions are Canada, which has a position below China and Brazil, which is in the sixth place, worth about 903 thousand euros (about $ 4 million) annually, with an average salary of 446 thousand. (about $ 2 million).

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The big difference between the European and South American leagues is on the list, because only two South American countries are in the first 30 (Brazil – ninth and Argentina – fourteenth), and 19 in the continent. European level.

The final round of the 2018 Brazilian Championship will be held next week and the teams will be downgraded to the B Series next year. Although he hasn't completed it yet, the national tournament already knows who is the champion of the current edition, because Palmeiras moved away from home on Sunday to prevent Vasco from going ahead 1-0.

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