Sunday , November 29 2020

60 days negative credit for 1st in SPC / Serasa

Negative credit – Bradesco has a credit limit that does not require consulting with credit protection agencies, such as: SPC and Serasa, For example. Therefore, it is a loan with negative consequences, thus expanding the consumer public.

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Generally, financial institutions and banks restrict lending, whether traditional or not, by limiting it to a clean name. The rationale is simple: lending to those who have a good payment history is less risky.

However, this flexible loan offer to notorious people can be useful to even help them regulate their negative situation.

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How does Bradesco negative credit work?

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Loan for negativado spc and serasa payroll loans
SPC and Bradesco’s negative credit loan at Serasa gives up to 60 days to pay. Image source: Azulis / Reproduction

HE IS negative credit Bradesco can be requested both by those who have a current account at the institution and those who do not. The difference in this situation is that the account holder can make this request over the Internet and the non-account holder has to go to a physical branch of the bank.

In fact, account holders can not only apply for loans on the Internet, access Internet Banking and the bank’s app, but also apply at the bank’s ATMs, Banco24Horas network self-service terminals, Bradesco Expresso and Fone Fácil.

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However, the payment of the first installment of this loan can take up to 60 days after the application is approved.

What are the advantages of this Bradesco credit line?

The benefits of this special loan from Banco Bradesco are as follows:

  • The loan has one of the lowest interest rates in the market. To get an idea, the rates offered are 1.26% depending on the applicant’s deal type;
  • The application process is practical, simple and easy as it can be done in person or through the website, app or phone;
  • Payment periods are longer, reaching 96 months.

The limitations or disadvantages of this loan for negative

Since it consists of payroll loan, negative credit No SPC and Serasa can only be requested by public officials (from the municipal, state or federal areas) and INSS pensioners and retirees.

It can also be given to employees of companies that are part of the private enterprise, as long as the company in question has an agreement with Banco Bradesco.

Also, parcels can commit up to 35% of the client’s income. Therefore, if the installments exceed this limit, the order will tend to be rejected.

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Also, for those who fit the required profile, this credit line is very convenient and safe as the installments are debited directly from the payroll.

In addition, Bradesco’s rating on Reclame Aqui is 7.8, which is considered a good mark, indicating significant reliability and satisfaction.

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