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& # 39; Fantastic Animals & # 39; The film of the series J.K. Rowling and David are expanding Yates' talents.


Two, three, five. J.K. The magical world of Rowling multiplies in the series. Harry Potter ended up with seven returning to the eight, while the last part was divided into two: the Deathly Hallows. Newt Scamander and The Fantastic Animals have sparked controversy over the number of companies that need to tell the story until the producer and distributor of the company, Warner, and the author are closed down to five. Therefore, in addition to all the series, there will be three more films in the series with Eddie Redmayne. Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp, comes from the first film and the second one increases his participation. Crimes of Grindelwald, not by chance, is called, but fantastic animals still exist. One stole the scene – Zouwu was fascinated by the rattle.

Since all the new epic is in front of Harry Potter, the great innovation of 2, the participation of Jude's Law of the young Albus Dumbledore. The Aurors of the Ministry of Magic are visiting Hogwarts, where Albus is part of the teachers' team. They put you in doubt. Jude Law (more than once), once the sexiest man in People magazine, liked to play a part.

"First of all, it was a great opportunity to review all the films that were really fun," says Warner. This meant replacing Richard Harris' deaths with Michael Gambon's death. Both created the oldest Dumbledore. "I knew I didn't create Dumbledore, but I wanted to see if I could get out of them. He was creating the guy who was Dumbledore."

During his performance, the debate exploded while protesting against Johnny Depp's bad guy role, directed by actor Rowling and no dialogue. He wants it. Rowling became a phenomenon in the world of contemporary publishing, with the Harry Potter series selling over 400 million copies worldwide. In the end, maybe just a book that is comparable to Agatha Christie, one from the Bible and one from William Shakespeare. And, of course, J.K., by assuming the role of production, still had additional advantages in selling cinema rights. Taking into account the degree of artistic control, it is difficult to measure the entrance of director David Yates, but it is impossible to underestimate him.

Imelda Staunton, who joined the cast of Mike Leigh and Ang Lee, has once told reporters that he is the greatest director Yates has worked with in Cannes. "A genius." In the Plans of Fantasy Animals – Grindelwald Crimes, it becomes the greatest threat of peaceful coexistence between sorcerers and humans or between witches and suckers (non-magical). But Grindelwald doesn't want to destroy all absorbers. Cynically, they say they'll always be needed – & # 39; forever, in a subaltern position. & # 39; In the eyes of his followers & # 39; legend & # 39; Grindelwald transformed them into an amphitheater and uses their power to predict the future.

Grindelwald designs the future. The world of people is pure destruction and moves towards a great new war. On the other hand, by his power, he insults and proposes suckers with imprisonment and even (partial) annihilation. Newt, (Porpen), joined together to confront her, including Tina, Dumbledore, and Magic, the brother of Newt's Newt. And now, the premiere film, Circo Arcanus – is experiencing the Credence Barebone Museum of Human Rascals and tries to uncover the mystery of its origins. Grindelwald draws him to his side, but he has a secret that interests him.

First, in the first half-hour, the film may cause some strangeness. The effects seem to be slow with scenes to include. All this can be counted in five, ten minutes, but then magic, aura, would be lost. That is the mystery – grace – of the entire series of Harry Potter and his fantastic friends, Fantastic Animals. David Yates knows that. It dominates time and effects.

They have outstanding actors, not just Redmayne and Jude Law, but you won't see them in the next Oscar. It's even worse for the Academy, which maintains its prejudice against the blockbusters that feed the industry. Suddenly, in the third, everything is interconnected and the story reaches great epic proportions while still touching human problems. On Thursday, 15, Fantasy Animals – Grindelwald's Crimes will be the 1464 rooms of 657 cinemas that will attack rooms in the country – Newt will be a country that will not take refuge in Scamander's new adventure. Warner expects to leave behind 4.3 million viewers of the previous film in Brazil.

Information from the newspaper S. Paulo State.

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