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18 I wasn't worried about what they would think, io says Fatima, meeting Tulio – 11/08/2018

In his personal life, fátima Bernardes, an 8-year-old, spoke at the Encuentro about the beginning of her relationship with Túlio Gadêlha, 25 years old on Thursday. The topic discussed in the program was the relationship between people with a large age difference.

The presenter explained how the public and the children reacted when they heard of his relationship with Túlio, and said he was surprised at how he felt about Pernambuco.

. It didn't bother me what others thought, but I admit that it was a surprise to me that I confessed. At first, it was a frightening, ut he said, announcing the support of his children's trio called Vinícius, Laura and Beatriz.

Din So I shared it with them, I wanted to tell you the age difference, and what I heard, anlat If there was another way, would you tell him if he got old? 55 years old.

Fatima said that in social networks, poor interpretations of her dating were stronger than humans, and if she was Túlio's son, she would not be questioned because she only knew the story of the people.

"Personally, I'm not going to live, but it's something we feel in our eyes and in our curiosity. In my case, I'm a little different, because I don't have this direct question for me, because people know my story." she told him.

Fátima and Túlio have been together for over a year and exchanged love statements for social networks. Pernambuco was elected a federal deputy and received a tribute from his girlfriend.

"Congratulations, love, for your success, and above all, for your campaign with love, respect, lightness, peace and hard work," wrote on Instagram.

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Fátima Bernardes and Túlio Gadelha have been together for more than a year Picture: Reproduction / Instagram

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