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Yann Moix salutes the memory of the deceased police officer


In "Les Terres du Satur", there were a few words about Maggy Biskupski, where Yann Moix experienced a lively exchange at the end of September. Young woman killed herself at home with her service weapon this week.

At the end of September, Yann Moix angered the police after the intervention on the "Terrans Saturday" set. Confronted with journalist Frédéric Ploquin – "Fear has changed sides" – and the two police came to testify, "sacrifice the length of the television show", and face the charge of "asshole in their own pants". insecurity.

One of his reporters, the 36-year-old Maggy Biskupski, was the president of the Angry Police Association. This week, the young woman was found dead at her home next to a service weapon that shot herself.

On Saturday, Yann Moix welcomed the memory of the thirties. "When you get angry with someone, you are at the edge of your life, in your discussion, and at the same time you're in the vibration and you're actually learning someone you see. It's terrible, you're in front of you, so young, you don't have it anymore. moved.

"If he were here today, maybe I'd talk to him for a long time after the debate."

"This woman went with her pains, mystery, her fears and doubts. If she were here today, maybe I would have talked to her for a long time, and I will not leave as quickly as I did last time, Thierry continues to face Ardisson. I believe that it is and that it cannot stop thinking about it regularly in the coming weeks. olduğ

The words he said at the end of September pissed the police off. The then interior minister, Gérard Collomb, condemned the "unbearable" statement. The superior audiovisual council had received "over 2,000" advice. A few days later, the polemicist regretted his ir rude words anti: hiç I said in rude words that I regret, because it is not bad words (…) to express themselves. and have nothing to do with. "

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