Tuesday , December 1 2020

World medical winter plan doctors started this Thursday in Brussels

The world's doctors started the medical winter plan this Thursday. The teams of the organization will go to Brussels's emergency access centers in the evening to provide medical care to the homeless who do not have access to them.

The doctors of the World Health Organization winter plan represent mobilization of 17 physicians and 38 volunteer volunteers, according to the NGO. Last year, they helped more than 1,000 homeless people during 2,500 consultations.

Those who benefit from medical carePersons with or without difficulty in obtaining a health card in the CPAS; orLucille Ganchou, coordinator of the organization's winter medical plan.

Doctors treat patients for classic winter diseases (flu, respiratory infections, etc.), but also treat problems specific to living conditions such as skin diseases or foot pain, mental problems.

Living on the street is not good for health, he says.our healthcare system makes it difficult to get into care when you don't have a home".

In addition, the NGO questions the approach of the winter plan. "Why do you always treat winter as a punctual crisis as always?Ms. Ganchou, "The Doctors of the World", argues for six months that it requires a more accessible and continuity-based approach rather than an emergency.

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