Tuesday , October 4 2022

The trial of shelters: Is it a prison that transcends solidarity?


12 journalists, including Myriam Berghe and Anouk Van Gestel, will be tried for the same reasons, irrespective of their suspected participation levels. In the eyes of justice, they are all part of a criminal organization responsible for human trafficking – the worst possible crime organization after the terrorist organization. While some have called for political proceedings, others have raised the three-day important issues on these hearings (but the first defendant, one of the defendants was still postponed from the closed center because they could not go to court) and whose consequences resulted in a ten-year prison sentence.

But for what reasons? The vision differs from one camp to another. For the defendants, this is only a matter of good citizenship: the acceptance of undocumented persons, accommodation, solidarity. But Justice sees something from another angle. They are accused of cross-border assistance to smugglers and migrants. The defendants' lawyers say they support people fleeing the war. "I may have crossed the yellow line, but never red.last May, he announced Myriam Berghe in Moustique. To host smugglers? "Young people struggling to survive as little smugglers lose time to pay themselves a passage. Nothing to do with human traffickers"He defends himself.

In order to support them, Belgian brand Nowa and Turkish artist Deniz Kazma launched a portfolio idea in September Onlarırefugees welcome"Myriam Berghe and Anouk will be able to raise € 2,000 to participate in the legal costs of Van Gestel.

Whatever the case, the shares of this case are enormous because it is a matter of decision between human trafficking and solidarity. The government is even a crime to host orchestration for many years by citizens because of the lack of solutions.

There is no crime of solidarity in Belgium. However, European states still decided that certain actions and behavior were still guilty. Is it still necessary to distinguish between the solidarity of ordinary citizens and traffickers who are interested in money and the commitment to the misery of others? "A place to stay, food and legal advice to a stranger is an yiyecek aid bir on its own, but not to be put under pressure. The provision of fake passports and identities represents another form of living allowance that must be seriously approved."The nuance of the French-speaking Belgian Justice and Peace Commission.

The crime of solidarity is therefore more than a concept. There is no condemnation of the home-workers' solidarity. On the other hand, there are a number of political or legal measures to deter citizens and limit their actions. One of the things that we think is home visits that divide both public opinion and politics for last year.

In France, the parliament approved the immigration asylum immigration plans on 1 August. Among other things, it involves loosening the crime of solidarity (and not suppressing). In some cases, people who help strangers in illegal situations, a device that remains in place and plans to punish. A few months ago, however, the majority of parliamentarians boasted about the elimination of the crime of solidarity.

Can solidarity be punished with imprisonment? Answer the Friday.

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