Tuesday , May 17 2022

The baby was badly beaten in Koekelberg: Your competitive father has no regrets!


Various facts

Last weekend, there was a scene in Koekelberg.

A father forced his three-month-old daughter. When the girl started to cry because he was hungry, he threw her to the ground. The victim is suffering from multiple skull fractures and is still in critical condition. Finally on Sunday, around 21.30, Brussels went to a police station in the West police district. He deliberately confessed that he deliberately threw down her daughter and did not want to drink her bottle.

At least the father is suspected of attempted murder, or at least attempted murder. He'il be in front of parliament on Friday.

According to our colleagues HLNCédric VR (36 years old), under arrest, would not notice the seriousness of his actions. Worse, he wouldn't regret it.

Remember, he's not the first gun of the species. In fact, he injured his six-month son in 2008 fatally. Thirty-something, while playing computer games, the toddler punched in the back of his head for crying. A sentence reduced to nine years in prison. In 2017, he was able to leave prison in order to complete the last part of the prison under electronic supervision. She ended up last February, when the man contacted another woman.

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