Tuesday , August 9 2022

Standard supporters caught on the edge of the match between Den Bosch and Twente


The eight supporters of Standard Liege and fans of the Dutch FC Den Bosch were also caught up between Friday's match between the adoption team at FC Twente. They were still held on Saturday. "
Suspected of disturbing public order
"A spokesman for the local police said.

The eight supporters threw fireworks at the cops and became depressed after being denied access to the stadium because they did not have entry tickets. The bus they wanted to join in Belgium was taken to the police station under the escort, where eight suspects were placed behind bars. She was still there on Saturday.

Standard fans have links "
With FC Den Bosch. "
The match between Den Bosch and Twente was thought to be a risky match
Police spokesman said. And in reality, after the game, the local team won the 2-1 score, Twente fans invaded the area and destroyed their billboards.

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