Tuesday , September 28 2021

Stadia’s future is very cloudy: Assuming backend for other streaming platforms

GoogleStadia is growing slowly, but many people still wonder what the future holds for the Google-branded cloud gaming platform. There are numerous and conflicting rumors about his state of health. Stadia was perhaps released prematurely and has seen the addition of more than a year and a half continued and necessary games and features. But a new report claims that Stadia may be a white-label product that acts as a backend for other streaming platforms. If it becomes a white-label product, that means Stadia will license the vehicles and product to another company and in turn sell it under its own name. To cite one example, Google could work with Ubisoft to provide a “white-label” version of Stadia, which Ubisoft can then sell to its customers through a Ubisoft-branded cloud gaming offering.

This hypothesis stems from a Google business that posted itself on LinkedIn: “In addition to building our video game platform, we see a significant opportunity to offer our infrastructure and tools to partners who want to build interactive streaming platforms. Our goal is to help the industry grow through games and other interactive streaming applications.” It’s about building a sustainable long-term business. Google first hinted at this possibility in February by spreading the message that it wants to “support industry partners.” We’ll see if Google wants to keep Stadia in the current version as well, or shut it down to devote itself entirely to the white-label solution. .

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