Friday , January 28 2022

PS and Ecolo do not agree on Seraing (Seraing)


PS and Ecolo failed to agree on Seraing

Cécile Petit, the sixth in the list, recorded the best personal score among Séraiens ecologists.

Facebook – Seraing Ecology

Socialists and environmentalists will not form the majority together in Seraing, it was reported late Wednesday.

Negotiations between PS and Ecolo in Seraing announced Ecolo on Wednesday night. "The PS thought Ecolo has forbidden negotiations with two aldermen. The two alderm, who have made a clear request from us since the beginning of the discussions, were not at least" extremely "in our minds," they ignore the environmentalists.

& For us, an isolated alderman within the College did not create the balance necessary for the realization of an evolutionary program for our city within the future team. Says we represent 10% of the vote against Ecolo Seraing.

The list, he said, "regrets that socialists prefer" the path of continuity "despite the signals of the voters.

PS Seraing, who was weakened last month with Alain Mathot's voluntary withdrawal, lost 4 seats, but kept the absolute majority in the October 14 elections.

Ecolo, the PS who can not succeed with the PS will participate in the PTB.

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