Tuesday , July 27 2021

Polmic around the Bansky exhibition in Delhaize Molière in Ixelles

Approximately sixty works of street artist Banksy will be on display at Strokar Inside, a city culture center in the former Delhaise Molière in Ixelles, from December 8th to December 30th. Some artists believe that this is a fake exhibition and condemn the fact that Banksy has nothing to do with the initiative in his Standaard article. "
This gives the impression that Banksy has replaced the exhibition.
Björn Van Poucke, expert and organizer of the Crystal Ship in the Origin, underlines the fact that the Belgian artist Eres never asked for an entry fee for Banksy's exhibitions.

For Crystal Ship, Banksy name is used only to make money behind the artist. On the official website of the British artist there is a list of official shows and almost only free exhibitions. Exhibitions not authorized by Bansky are paid.

We met with our colleagues in BX1, the launcher of Strokar Inside, Alexandra Lambert, responded to criticism. "
Original, signed and numbered works
Alexandra Lambert guarantees that the concept of Strokar Inside is compatible with the values ​​of Banksy.
The only thing we will collect is a financial margin for our joint projects. We want to attract an audience to come and see the other artists we exhibit, so we are playing on behalf of "Banksy Unauthorized" exhibition.

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