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Patrick Sébastien: Is the real false retirement?


Aurélie Parisi

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Disappointed by the French Television voters,
Happiness Years wants to put "
animation in brackets".

What seemed to be a thunder in the world of the small screen could look like a storm in a glass of water. Tuesday night, in Touch my positionCyril Hanouna conveyed a message by Patrick Sébastien:Thanks for being behind me all the time and always supporting me, man, but I'm gonna stop my career."

The media did not last very long without announcing the close separation between Patrick Sebastien and French Television. It would be a bit surprising when you know the tense relationship between the chain and the landlord. Happiness Years.

Contact by our collegues ParisianPatrick Sebastien attracts his words. "I wrote to Hanouna because I was thinking of stopping the television because I don't really want to do it for now."says. "Here, I learned that France 2 has changed the broadcast of the coming Years between December 1st and December 15th. Miss France. To make sure she falls."

Contrary to what we can imagine, the 64-year-old host does not intend to make a final crossover on the small screen. "I got the animation in parenthesesI He continues, and adds that the competitor doesn't take the foot from a chain. “Ne Hanouna nor C8 did not make any offers. She's not sure if she's going to get me anywhere else. I'm not gonna do anything, that's for sure. I swear I won't goIncredible abilityjust to make money. I have other ideas, especially as a producer to make my box live. (Magic TV, NdlR). "


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