Wednesday , February 24 2021

One of the organizers of collecting yellow vests in Brussels: "We decided to postpone the event"

On November 30, "yellow waistcoats" were held in Brussels. The event was approved after a meeting between the municipal authorities and the organizer. But this is the return situation on Monday night. Gary Ducran, one of the organizers, is retreating. With a video posted on his Facebook account, he claims that the event was "canceled". He was not approved by the police at the moment.

"My group and I planned to do the show, because the yellow vests were a movement of the people, so people who had to talk. It was an illegal demonstration that was planned in Brussels and created many controversies.Gary Ducran explains.

"We realized we didn't have a big meeting."

According to him, one of the main reasons for this cancellation would be organizational. "For 50 protesters, we were forced into a one-man police service, I don't know if you noticed, but we don't know the number, we can see 100, 100, 100,000 people. we noticed (…) "says.

The yellow vest wants to be more “solid as by seeking help from” lawyers “and“ knowledgeable people in politics Sarı. The spokesperson for the Ilse Van de Keere police in Brussels Capital Ixelles said that we should not be notified of a possible cancellation by contacting us. It's Monday night, so the time is …

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