Friday , January 22 2021

My Shy is turning 35 and posting very rare photos of her baby for the first time (Sublime)

The singer celebrated Shy’s birthday. The artist shared two photos of him as a baby on the occasion of his 35th birthday. Something to entertain her fans, especially when the beautiful young woman speaks about the boy she is expecting.

Shy will be a mother for the first time very soon. The artist surprised his subscribers by posting it on November 28. a pretty round baby’s face On the Instagram page. It wasn’t the kid he was carrying now, but an old snapshot of himself that was released for a very special moment. Since the singer My Shy is celebrating his birthday and if he’s pampered by his friends, the show’s jury Dance with the stars He also wished to give a gift to his many subscribers who meticulously followed their every move.

Shy’m: a singer with a sense of humor!

Occasion 35 yearsthe beautiful brunette showed off two black and white shots, showing that she has a lot of humor. We see him so young, he sits on a bench. In the first photo, Tamara Marthe looks very surprised by something. In the other photo, he is lying on a pillow. The singer’s interpretation is gratiné. “If I count it, it makes 35!”while taking notes for the first photograph, how “Congratulations on the reopening of the shops and [son] birthday “.

I pray your shy boy looks like his baby

However, Shy didn’t stop there and stated that he had a real sense of self-contempt. He used hashtags to laugh at himself in these photos #biberonraclette and spoke about her wish for her soon to be born baby. The singer also spoke about the father whose identity is still a secret and whom fans want to know. “And finally, suddenly I understand wish looks like her father ». I hope it can be heard.

Huge fan base

My Shy is very popular on Instagram. She has more than 800,000 subscribers to her Instagram page. She regularly feeds her account with pictures. The singer is a great fashion lover. He participates in many shows whenever he can wear the most fashionable clothes of the moment and love. Shy is posting more pictures of her with her rounded belly. No doubt she will inform when she gives birth and distribute photos of her son. For Shy, this new motherhood is a new challenge. She will have to lead her singing career and her new life as a mother simultaneously. It will need to be very well organized to do both. But Shy has the energy and resources as you can see on stage and in the music videos.

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