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More women in CA – Belgium

The ü Quota Act e still had a beneficial effect: the number of women exploded between 2008 and 2017 in the companies subject to this requirement, from 8.3% to 26.8%, Institute.

While there were no 60 women in 2008, this figure dropped to 12 last year. Those who have more than one woman rose to 21 in 2017 and to 21 in 2008. In addition, the 17 CA had only one woman in 2017 compared to 32 years ago. However, this figure may be misleading, because if the board has only three members, the existence of a woman respects the law.

"The number of directors remains more or less the same," the institute notes. The composition of the changing boards of directors: "The companies did not create new seats for women, but slowly, by replacing or replacing members," he said. Michel Pasteel, director of IEFH.

The average number of women still does not reach one third of the legal quota. Thirty-three percent of the 115 companies examined by IEFH have more than two-thirds of the same sex managers.

The 2011 law came into force in 2012 for autonomous public enterprises and the National Lottery. In 2017 they all fulfilled the legal obligation.

For large companies open to the public, only in 2017 came into force. The analyzed 22 & # 39; 22 did not meet the legal requirements. Ie AB Inbev, Biocartis, Campine, Cenergy, CFE, Connect Group, Ieteren, Floridienne, FNG Group, Hamon, Jensen Group, Leasinvest Realestate, Miko, Ontex, PCB, Picanol, Resilux, Roularta Media, Sabca, Solvac , Spadel and Viohalco. I Since last year, the administration has been subject to sanctions, including suspension of financial assistance for its mandate, yaptır the institute said.

Small and medium-sized listed companies will have to comply with 2019.

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