Thursday , March 4 2021

More than a quarter of people diagnosed in France are "too late"

Public Health France On Tuesday, in 2017, 49% of HIV-positive discoveries were reportedly interested in people who had never been tried.

Still not too late for impressions. More than a quarter of people diagnosed with HIV in France, 2017 and 2018 "too late"In a report on Public Health France on Tuesday (November 27th), the report delays maintenance and is slowing the fight against HIV transmission.

Between January 2017 and September 2018, 28% of people found that they were carriers of advanced AIDS virus, ie they were already reported with the reported disease or at a very low level of infection. CD4 lymphocytes, white blood cells targeted by HIV. The rate of late discoveries since 2013 has not decreased, and even though the number of laboratory tests continues to increase, Public Health warns France on Saturday before World AIDS Day.

In 2017, 49% of HIV-positive discoveries included people who had never been tested before.

"To reduce the proportion of those who are unaware of the HIV status to receive antiretroviral treatment, the HIV test should be further intensified in the most at-risk populations"Public Health insists on France. Treatment "Avoiding the prevention of HIV transmission from HIV-positive people is a big problem in controlling the outbreak"National Public Health Institution continues.

The total number of people who discovered HIV status in 2017 is still unknown, but it was estimated in 2016 to approximately 6,000 people. This decreased by 5% from 2013.

Since April 2016, biologists and clinicians have been required to report cases of HIV that they have identified. The reports, however, underestimate the actual number of cases, include significant or missing data, and Public Health explains France.

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