Wednesday , August 4 2021

Meuse’s flow hits part of naphtha pipeline in Limburg

“A small amount of naphtha has been measured to spill into the water, but there is no ecological disaster,” says Dirk Vandriessche, spokesperson for Petrochemical Pipeline Services (PPS Pipelines).

Faced with sagging banks and the removal of a pipe, the decision to close the pipeline was made only on Monday. Since then, various operations have been carried out to control the situation, including pumping water and closing the canals.

A mixture of water and naphtha was found in Chemelot on Tuesday afternoon. “At around 2:30 pm, the naphtha was pushed out of the pipe and the pipeline looked safe. In the next few days, a team of experts will find out what the problem is. Meanwhile, the supply to Chemelot has been interrupted. All are endangered by wildlife, population or environment. removed,” says Mr. Vandriessche for PPS Pipelines.

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