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Laura Smet 35 years old: Johnny Hallyday's drunk night when she was born


Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye's daughter are celebrating their 35th birthday today! 15 November, under the sign of the festival, eroded by a melancholic touch, Laura Smet celebrated her first birthday before her father was born.

Between Laura Smet and her father, the love story began on 15 November 1983. For Johnny Hallyday, it was imperative that her daughter be present for her birth. Seventeen years ago, when his eldest son David was born, Taulier dragged an artist life beyond hotel nights, airplanes and, above all, endless evenings. Only 23 years old, Johnny's not gonna be a father to love. A few months after his first son's father died, Sylvie Vartan: Orphaned father, David has already been for many years He didn't want to repeat "Rock" for Laura. Destroy the 2000His autobiography, published in 1999 by Michel Lafon, says: When David was born on August 14, 1966, I had a crazy life and I didn't appreciate this happy event … I'm sorry, I'm holding Laura in my arms. He's catching me a finger. His mother, Nathalie, took a huge take and inherited this incredible smile that gave it a special charm. But blue eyes have almond Smet. My mom's Huguette's. Mine is …". Then add: "As soon as Nathalie woke up from anesthesia, I took two of my women to the photo, two of my love photos. Polaroid I always keep in my wallet ".

If the interpreter I promise you remembers the day when Gilles Lhote, the eldest daughter, was the author of his biography Johnny, the warriorPublished in 2017 (Ed. Robert Laffont), he prefers to remember the following crazy night. The close friend of the singer recalls, the rocker is no longer held in place. " Johnny has a table at the Tour d & # 39; s Argent. We stayed half a dozen including Jean-Paul Belmondo, Mort Shuman, Jean-Claude Camus and me. All in suit and tie. Every glass was a toast occasion for Laura. If a baby was born, that's it "Finally a drunk evening"an astronomical addition"In honor of the beloved boy who represents a second chance for Johnny." For dessert, we must admit that we are not drunk, that we are still very sweet. "Gilles Lhote adds.

The relationship between the player and his father, punctuated by ups and downs, has been strong, passionate, complex. In a letter sent to his father's first offensive of the struggle against his mother-in-law, Laeticia Hallyday right after his death, Laura Smet wrote that forever he would seal his love for the man he loves: " I'm proud to be your daughter. I love you dad ".

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